• Structural, clearance, ornamental trees, hazardous deadwood (widow makers), safety pruning, weight reduction, shade configuration, residential, and commercial pruning
  • Crown restoration, cleaning, and reduction
  • Technical rigging and selective limb removal
  • Training of new placement of trees
  • Raising canopies in residential and commercial residents

At Limbgrabber's, this is our specialty. This requires understanding of overall health, longevity placement, and proper cutting practices. Because every tree is different, a real love and a true eye for trees is essential. There are many types of trees out there, and placed in many different locations by humans, birds, squirrels, etc.  There is usually never a standard allotted time for how long it takes to service a tree, so estimates of time should not be given.  As Climbing Arborists, we know when trees have been lion tailed, gutted, topped, and stubbed (these are industry terms for improper maintenance practices).  For instance, you might have a tree that has never been pruned before, this is the most important timely pruning job of all! When a tree is first pruned it will always require more time. Then you have a tree that has been pruned for many years and by many different companies that will reflect less wounds and time.


Because of insects, disease, pests, and cause/effect for improper techniques, the timing of pruning activities is very important. But we're here to help! We will let you know when the time is right, or for instance, warn you of the dangers of wounding the tree from pruning at the wrong time. At Limbgrabber's , we will always have a certified Arborist tell you when the timing is right. Pruning is time sensitive, and takes a great amount of knowledge to do it effectively. A well pruned tree is one you can't tell has been pruned.

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  • Tree species and locations
  • Soil preparation
  • Drip line maintenance
  • Urban, residential, and commercial planting
  • Rooftop garden planting
  • Problem solving planting
  • Diversification planting

Planting requires love for the understanding of the tree, flowers, shrubs, or whatever organism that needs to be planted. WE care because trees are life!  Proper planting techniques requires experience creating a planting site, understanding drip lines, soil management, and rates of growth. To make sure the tree grows to be healthy and strong, placement of the tree is crucial. At Limbgrabber's, we know the right place for the longevity, growth patterns, overall species size, planting sites, diversity, and the lay of the land. Not to mention, proper tree placement increases property value, and enhances curb appeal.


Some landscapes consist of tree lines, islands, shade trees, and forestry factors in rural or urban sites. Some trees are male and female, some give off toxins to prevent other organisms from growing around them, some stress out easily while others can take a beating. Overall, it is our responsibility to inform you as much as you can, for as long as we can.


This practice of the trade is a true art. After 15yrs I've come to the conclusion that shaping is one of the hardest true arts to understand. We know how to shape without spreading disease, also without hurting the tree and surrounding plants. No matter how big or small, we do it right at Limbgrabber's. Making beautiful proper cuts is important. Whether taking the tree length back, or doing proper branch collar cuts and lateral placements. Understanding overall health and structure is critical to the process of shaping trees. Understanding how to harmonize with growth patterns, and to be able to train the trees growth rates. We understand flush cuts, stubs, and dog ears (terms for improper tree maintenance). Using shears and improper tools will kill limbs and promote die back, let alone spread disease. In time, with improper maintenance, you will replace your trees from shock and disease. A true eye for the overall relationship and longevity of the tree are the most important techniques in tree shaping.


Removals are always different, so pricing will vary from tree to tree. Safe practices and adequate tree knowledge are required to properly fell and rig trees safely. At Limbgrabber's, "we hold onto trees", unfortunately we sometimes need to take them down. Our crew members are trained by a C.T.S.P. (Board Certified Tree Safety Professional). We look at every removal as an environmental loss, and would always prefer to plant a new one in it's place. We have a track record of doing so. We work in the nooks and crannies, open fields, close to power lines and over homes. We strive to keep the client's in the loop during the process, explaining how the felling or rigging technique's will be done, and always answering any questions they may have. Limbgrabber's defines great communication, we are true professionals. All of our climbers are board certified and will always maintain communication with their team and the client. We simply do not leave you out, we inform!

RECreational installation

At Limbgrabber's, we love doing recreational installations. We love incorporating tree swings, tree stands, climbing ropes, etc. We're also open to any recreational installation requests you may have, with a tree risk assessment and detailed inspection process making sure your tree is safe for installation. We go above and beyond to make sure your installation is safe and professional.


Limbgrabber's gives back to the animals too! With proper tree selection and placement, we can install bird houses, bat houses, and any other habitats for our furry friends.